At Bari, we are inspired by the serene and communal essence of Iceland's swimming pool culture, a tradition as deep and inviting as the hot springs that dot our landscape. Our designs are a reflection of this tranquil spirit, crafted to embody timelessness and elegance.

Icelandic design

The company's design philosophy is centered on timelessness, focusing on crafting items that remain relevant and stylish beyond passing trends We are also committed to sustainable and ethical practices, reflecting our respect for the environment and our community.


The company's decision to base its manufacturing in Portugal is in line with the country's esteemed reputation for high-quality craftsmanship, ethical working conditions, and advancements in fabric technology and innovation. This choice underscores the company's dedication to excellence, ethical practices, and sustainability, while upholding the rights and welfare of its workers, resonating with Portugal's strong heritage in textile production.


Your well-being is our priority. Each textile adorned with the STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX® has been tested, ensuring it's free from harmful substances and safe against your skin.

Our journey is one of continuous evolution, keeping pace with the latest in scientific research and legal standards in substance regulation. Choosing our FSC-certified and OEKO-TEX® approved collection means more than just selecting a product. It means aligning with a brand that harmonizes style with a deep-seated commitment to health, safety, and a sustainable future.