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Black Terry Towelling Set

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Color – Black Onyx

Our towelling set is made for everyday wear at home or after any water activity.


Upgrading your shower routine and rename it self-care routine.

Made in Portugal. Designed in Iceland.


Terry towelling fabric

100% GOTS certified organic cotton 


Model is wearing size XS (Height 175 cm)

Oversized fit.

Recommended to go down one size

Sizes EU

XS - 34-36

S - 36-38

M - 38-40

L- 40-44


Fabric and fit


85 % bamboo double terry towelling fabric

15% Polyester

Artificial textiles like polyester can be harmful due to their non-biodegradable nature and rapid disposal. However, when used well, they can enhance garment quality and durability.

The right type and purpose matter, improving attributes like strength and wear resistance. 

Our unique double-sided bamboo terry employs a special knitting technique to prevent threading issues. This means that if a loop snags, it won't cause a chain reaction in the fabric. The inclusion of polyester enhances garment durability, aligning with sustainability by extending garment lifespan.

Oversized fit. 

Size Guide

XS Eur 34-36

S Eur 36-38

M Eur 38-40

L Eur 40-44

Black Terry Towelling Set
Black Terry Towelling Set
Black Terry Towelling Set